Letter from the Church Council

” Live *& Share Life*”

ACC as true ambassadors of Christ Jesus, are we ready to give everything in order to share the true gospel of our living God? Do you think you’ve done enough to support the church outreach missions to reach the unreached, or where is your role as ACC congregant in supporting the internal ministry grow outwardly to even reach the unreached ones? I believe the least we can do is to support our small group ministries ie ED, PBC, WOCO and E&O sacrificially and with our time and finances: so that the Church can stand firm and be able to dispense it’s mandate of helping the internal and external ministries grow. By so doing, in prayer & supplication, you’ll find yourself to have achieved “_A Life of Mission Mobilization”_ by sending Glad Tidings mission teams to help build and expand God’s
kingdom to the unreached people. In order to advance God’s Kingdom through the power of the Holy Spirit: our focus should be based on 3 things:

*Our Vision*:
A Christ Centred Church OF Strong Families *Transforming* Nations

*Our Mission:*
A worshipping of Community the Lord that is advancing God’s Kingdom and;

*Our Church Theme.*:
We need to strengthen what remains Rev 3:2. We need to be known for something as ACC, i.e., strong expository preaching and a vibrant music heritage. We want to see people saved and transformed into mature believers.

Wilson Mzirai
Council Member