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October 2021 | Vol 414

Letter from the Church Council "If you think you are too small to have an impact, try sleeping with a mosquito!" - Anita Roddlick You may laugh when you read this saying but we all know what it is like to sleep or not sleep with a mosquito and despite their small size...

September 2021 | Vol 413

Letter from the Church Council Over the past few months, our Tuesday Bible study group has been re-reading Paul’s letter to the Romans. It is so full of gems to guide us in the Christian walk. Here is one: Romans 15:1,2: Now we who are strong ought to bear the...

August 2021 | Vol 412

Letter from the Church Council Isaiah 43: 1-2 Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine.  When you pass through the waters, I will be with you. Our community has felt pain and loss this past month, through illness and death; and all...

July 2021 | Vol 411

Letter from the Church Council  I led a worship service in June, and as always when leading, I like to take an active part in choosing the hymns, so that I can fit them into the flow of our worship time together. I look at websites which give charts of which hymns are...

June 2021 | Vol 410

Letter from the Church Council   What holds us together? On Pentecost Sunday in May, our preacher Cynthia Holder Rich spoke of that event described by Paul in Acts 2 when the gathered disciples of Jesus were filled with the Holy Spirit; and when the Jews of every...

May 2021 | Vol 409

Letter from the church council   I grew up in a small town in Ireland in the 1960s, where every day at 6 a.m., 12 noon and 6 p.m. the bells of the church would ring for “the Angelus.” Everyone, no matter what they were doing, would stop, and pray the set of...

April 2021 | Vol 408

Letter from the church council Over the period of Lent which ends during the first week of April, we have been reading and meditating on Jesus’ life and ministry on earth. Among the teachings which we have read, which of Jesus’ sermons or stories is your favorite? I...

March 2021 | Vol 407

From Left to Right: Erwin Kinsey, Eliel Gideon, Irene Joel, Susan Simonson, Michael Murray, Eric Mbelle, Elizabeth Hudgin, Moira Brehony, Wilson Mzirai, Neil Miller(missing from photo) Letter from the church council A number of years ago, I fasted for lent; I would...

February 2021 | Vol 406

Letter from the church council John 4:24 . Serving God wholeheartedly means serving God in Spirit and in truth. When you are given a responsibility, do not grumble, for when you grumble you water down the blessing God has earmarked for you. It is also important that...


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